The Serious Foodie Tour

All Ages • 1hr 30mins • Great for couples! • Something different and interesting


Learn all about Sweet Chestnuts

1 hour 30 minutes


If you want to know all we know about sweet chestnuts, this tour is for you. This tour takes around 1.5 hours and covers the history, folklore and stories around Chestnuts, the cultivation, harvesting, processing and milling of chestnuts, the reasons behind why we use regenerative agriculture, the history of the farm and how and why we use animals in our regenerative farming practices and ends up in our farm shop to show the end added value products that we make on the farm from the chestnuts.

The Serious Foodie Tour includes:

  • A guided tour of the farm’s unique garden that comprises David Austin roses, a number of rare trees and a number of deciduous trees that make the garden glow with colour in Autumn.
  • A guided tour of our Certified Organic farm and a meet and greet with the farm animals.
  • A talk on the folklore, history and uses of chestnuts.
  • Tour of the 1,000 sweet chestnut tree orchard.
  • Guided tour of the chestnut processing, showing how we create our range of added value chestnut products.
  • Viewing of the beautiful Austrian chestnut flour mill.
  • Tasting of added value chestnut products including fresh chestnuts, chestnut liqueur and other chestnut products.
  • Chestnut leaf tea and chestnut biscuit.
  • Visit to our farm shop and an opportunity to purchase goods.


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