Pick your own Chestnuts

March-May • All Ages • Up to 8 hours • Great for families and friends! • Something interesting and rewarding


Foraging in a sweet chestnut orchard in autumn. That’s the dream of many people and this French style experience can be yours in just three hours from Perth.

Picking your own chestnuts is a fun activity for families or friends. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air while also engaging in a productive and rewarding activity. Do not forget the camera for those great pictures in the chestnut orchard. Children love running through the fallen leaves and kicking them in the air while also picking the chestnuts off the ground.

Hurry up! Chestnut season is short, it lasts from late March until the end of May. 

Just bring gloves; a good pair of shoes and possibly a sweater as we are in autumn in the south west.

Entry into the orchard is $12 for people who are 12+ years, this includes the first kilo of chestnuts picked. Each kilo picked after that is $12 per kilo.

No prior payment is required for this tour, just book the most preferred time! We are open 10am-4pm every day, except Tuesday throughout the season.


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