Chestnut Brae Farm is not only a place to produce delicious chestnuts and products, but also a place where sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Farmers and owners Linda and John are passionate about educating their customers and guests on the importance of soil health and farming, processing, and delivering products in a sustainable way.

Our pledge is to develop a successful business while being responsible and caring for the environment. We understand that sustainability is a journey and we continuously update our strategies and policies to ensure that we are always working towards sustainable practices.

We farm organically and are an accredited organic farm, which means we use organic alternatives to chemicals and fertilisers where they are available and suitable for our farm. We also use mulching and composting to help conserve moisture. We purchase suitable products from local suppliers whenever possible, harvest our rainwater and use it on the farm, and recycle products wherever we can. Our compostable waste is composted and used on the vegetable garden and orchard, and we also recycle bottles, paper, and cardboard.

Insect pests are kept under control by our guinea fowl, and we use local suppliers whenever we can and prefer ones that have the same values as ourselves. The majority of our products are made in our commercial kitchen on the farm to reduce “food miles”.

By taking these steps, we are working to minimise our impact on the environment and create a sustainable and responsible business that benefits the community. At Chestnut Brae, we believe that sustainability is key to creating a beautiful and delicious future.

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