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Chestnut Brae is the perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the world of sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture. As a mixed permaculture, holistic management, and certified organic farm, we specialise in sweet chestnut production and chestnut-based products, as well as chestnut-fed meat production. Our farm also includes a variety of other animals, including chickens, guinea fowl, marron, pigs, sheep and alpacas.

As a live-in volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our team and learn about all aspects of our farm operation. From planting, weeding, watering and harvesting in the vegetable garden, to caring for and moving our animals, and all the general farm duties that come with it. You will leave with a working knowledge of regenerative agriculture and the way our farm runs.

Our farm is located just 10 minutes south of Nannup and 55 minutes away from major towns such as Margaret River and Busselton. We are 45 minutes from Manjimup, and 3 and a half hours south of Perth. The work schedule is 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, with one hour for lunch. The type of work will vary depending on the season, with a focus on harvest in the autumn, product production and markets in the winter, irrigation and watering in the summer, and animal activities in the spring.

To ensure you are prepared for your stay, we recommend bringing the appropriate gear for the season. In the winter, bring warm clothing, rain gear, and working boots. In the summer, bring a hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirts, working boots and insect repellent. If you are coming during shoulder seasons, be sure to check the weather forecast and bring a mix of clothing as needed.

We are quite protected where we are, but still have what feels
like a range of seasons in one day. You are welcome to search weather forecasts. http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/south-west.shtml is the official site for weather. 

Additionally, we recommend bringing your own internet device as our satellite WIFI is limited. We strongly urge you to purchase a Telstra SIM card as your internet and mobile phone provider as they offer the best coverage in the country. If you have your own transport, our address and map are available on our Contact Page. If not, we can pick you up from either the Nannup or Busselton Coach Terminal. Email us to arrange pickup: info@chestnutbrae.com.au

We have two options for bus travel:

1. There is a bus that comes from Perth to Nannup on a
Tuesday and a Sunday, we can then pick you up from Nannup to bring you to the farm. You may find this bus scedule and ticketing info on the SW1 timetable on the following link:


2.  A bus leaves the Perth airport and travels to Busselton each day.  We can pick you up from the bus stop in Busselton.  This is
the website to book tickets and see the timetable.


We do need to keep in mind that driving at the end of the
day is dangerous due to the increased risk of kangaroos on the road, so we would be looking at picking you up from the terminal at 11am or 5pm

Accommodation is provided in our volunteer room or in one of our caravans with double beds. There is also a separate volunteer bathroom and toilet. Meals will be provided as part of our family and a separate kitchen area is available with a fridge for personal snacks.

On your days off: The options are endless, you are very welcome to stay on the farm and relax, explore or go for a hike. There is some beautiful bush and forest areas surrounding the farm to explore. You may also go into Nannup, or other surrounding towns for the day to explore and experience the Southwest.

We are sorry, we are not able to help you obtain a VISA to enter Australia. Your local embassy can advise you on your requirements 

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