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Get Married in Nature’s Embrace: A Thousand Chestnut Trees Witnessing Love’s Ever-Changing Grace.

a unique life-time experience for a couple

Why a Wedding Venue?

John and Linda have owned the Chestnut Bare for ten years. Over the years, many people have commented on how attractive the scenery is. And asked, “have you ever considered using it as a wedding location?” 

One of the appealing factors is that no matter what season or time of year, this chestnut farm always provides an attractive terrain if you are looking for the perfect backdrop.

Nestled in a picturesque valley with many deciduous seasonal trees, Chestnut Brae always offers a natural beauty always ready for both ceremony and vows.

  • Three-hour drive from Perth, but you could be in the middle of France.
  • 22 hectares of idyllic farm with a 1,000 tree sweet chestnut orchard and show garden.
  • 15 minute drive from Nannup where there are a range of restaurants and coffee venues.
  • A quiet venue away from the crowds.


We may be remote, but Chestnut Brae has coach parking bays for those who want to book everyone to come together. We also have parking for approximately 25 cars with overflow parking options if necessary.

Being a farm, nestled in a valley, we have a lot of hilly gravel paths, and access to some areas can be very limited for those who are less mobile.

Escape to Nature

We have two Sweet Chestnut Orchards that are like European Forests on the sides of two hills. These orchards vary dramatically with the seasons from being a haunted forest to a fairy dell. We also have open water bodies and an old English style rose garden. These features provide a range of natural environments and unique photo opportunities.

Due to our farm’s organic accreditation, we are unfortunately, unable to allow dogs or pets on the farm.

Rustic Shearing Shed

The weather isn’t always predictable. When the weather is not in our favour we have a 100-year-old, rustic wooden shearing shed which will comfortably fit an intimate sized group for an unique wedding experience.

Guest accommodation is available in the Nannup Shire. This varies from

Intown options with a range of farm stay and air B&B’s in the area.

for couples who craft magic moments for their wedding ceremony

Explore different packages


Package 1: Venue Only

This package offers simplicity. Choose from one of our two locations available for Wedding Ceremonies, or if you are having a small elopement wedding, we can also discuss alternative locations on the farm. The package includes use of land for ceremony from 7.00am until 6.00pm on day of wedding.

$2500 plus GST

Package 2: Add a Celebrant

All the inclusions of Package 1, plus a celebrant. Our celebrant comes with a PA system. Weddings will be uniquely crafted and written just for you. Elopement style wedding: $3250 Plus GST (small groups looking for a short wedding, less than 25 people – approximately).

$3,500 plus GST for a full wedding

Package 3: Package 2 plus Bridal Accommodation

All of the inclusions of Package 2, along with two nights accommodation at Chestnut Cottage on the farm, allowing you to get ready on site prior to the wedding, and to relax after the big event. Includes a bridal hamper waiting for you.

$4,500 plus GST for a full wedding.

If you wish to set up the day before this can be arranged at no extra cost. You may also book access to farm in the week prior to the wedding for a pre-wedding photoshoot with your wedding photographer. No Hidden Costs. We are up front with what we can provide and at what cost.
Get married and enjoy at chestnut brae

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