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Chestnut Brae, owned by John and Linda Stanley since 2013, is a successful and award-winning agritourism business that operates alongside its commercial sweet chestnut production. Visitors can experience the farm in all seasons, with tours available all year round, except for February when the farm is closed. The best time to visit the farm is between March and December.

Tour operators can view and book different tour packages on our website. To secure preferred dates and times, it is best to book via email as we only take one group in the morning and one group in the afternoon per day. These tours are for a minimum of 10 people but can accommodate groups up to 30 people. Once a package is selected, we ask for pre-payment to make arrival on the day seamless and avoid awkward payment arrangements.

Upon arrival, coaches can park in the car park and the coach driver can stretch his legs and relax in the garden while the group proceeds with their tour. The tour leader should check in at the farm shed where John or Linda will welcome you and take you to the area where the briefing part of the tour is conducted. The presentation is by John or Linda and includes an interactive talk and discussion. After that, the presenter will escort the group around the garden, farm, and processing unit.

During harvest season, between Mid March and end of May, guests have the opportunity to “pick your own” chestnuts for a small additional cost. On average, the whole tour process takes one hour. At the end of the tour, we offer coffee/tea and chestnut biscuit. Visitors are welcome to visit the shop where we have a range of chestnut products for sale.

We offer a standard one-hour agri-tour at Chestnut Brae, a “Talk & Tour”, which is very affordable and includes a commission for tour operators, depending on the size of the group and frequency of visits by the company. The farm is equipped with a single public toilet, due to this limitation, we strongly advise tour operators that guests use the toilet in Nannup before their arrival on the farm, to save tour time on the farm.

To book a tour, contact

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