School Farm Tour

All-rounder • Kids and teenagers • 1 hour • Great for primary schools • Really engaging and rewarding

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Our school farm tour offers a unique and valuable learning experience for students of all ages. It is an opportunity for our young people to discover where their food comes from and how it is processed.

A visit to the farm for a group is around an hour.

It starts with an introduction from the farmer who welcomes them to the farm and explains a bit about the history of the farm and why we do what we do. We then split the school party into around 20 children in smaller groups so that we can talk to them in smaller groups and they can get the maximum from the visit.

We explain where food comes from and that most animals and plants are edible. Students shall have a chance to look at some plants which people used to eat a long time ago!

Chestnut Brae is a sustainable farm, we explain what that means and why we believe it is so important for future generations.

School children want to see animals and we do not disappoint, they meet the goats, sheep and pigs who are free range on the farm.

From the animal paddocks we move to the sweet chestnut orchard and explain what chestnuts are and why they are so important to many people’s diets. We follow the journey of sweet chestnuts from tree to flour or an ice-cream!


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