Farm Animal and Wildlife tour for Children/Families



We get lots of children visiting the farm with their family. One of the first things they ask is… Can we see the animals? We have a specialty animal tour designed for children. Children and their guardians are escorted around the farm as we show them both farm and depending on the day, some wild animals.
In the fields opposite our farm you can often see kangaroos and emus. If you are lucky, you may see a boxing match between two male kangaroos! On the farm our black angora goat is always a hit and looks forward to a pat on the nose. Our Wessex Saddleback pigs are very social and like to come over to say hello.
We also have an array of poultry, guinea fowl and turkeys who like to make some noise to let you know they are around.
Please note: Please ensure that when booking, you have a ratio of one adult to every two children. This is a working farm; we recommend closed in shoes for all visitors.


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