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Chestnut honey is perfect for those who appreciate a less sweet and more complex taste. It’s been described as smoky, leathery, spicy, and mysterious, and it is often paired with aged cheeses, fresh pears, and hearty meat dishes.

Chestnut Honey vs Regular Honey

In the Journal of Food Biochemistry (2019), researchers wrote that the phenolic contents of chestnut honey were present in levels significant enough to ward off DNA damage in cells. The particular chestnut honey they examined was from the Black Sea Region coast of Turkey.

Darker honeys often contain more polyphenols, and these act as antioxidants to reduce the harm that free radicals can do to the human body. Chestnut honey is often recommended for cardiovascular disease and is considered beneficial to the circulatory system.

Dark honeys also contain more nitrate (NO3-) than lighter honeys and may be protective against gastrointestinal ailments. Chestnut honey holds a more complex taste and darker colour. It’s often described as smoky, leathery, spicy, and mysterious.

In comparison, regular honey will hold that somewhat industrial standard taste and tends to be missing crucial benefits and nutritional properties of raw honey. This is typically due to “regular” mass-produced honey being fine filtered and pasteurized which, unfortunately, destroys many of the antibacterial and active elements.

Research shows that the processing of honey can reduce antioxidant levels by up to (and even more than) 30%. The reduction of these antioxidant reduces linden honey’s effectiveness as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent.

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